Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Some alterations....

Hello everybody and welcome back! After having been inactive for quite a long time (at least it seems so to me!) I'll have quite a lot of stuff to show you in the following months.

Remember this dress I showed you last October? Actually, I didn't like it at the end, so... I only wore it once since then... Which is a shame, as the pattern of the fabric is so beautiful!
The thing I did not like that much was the weird-looking skirt. The gathering at the front wasn't that flattering and the back part puckered a lot when worn.

So I decided to change the construction of the skirt.
I removed the lining of the skirt as it was adding a lot of thickness to the whole dress - something I wanted to avoid this time.

The skirt itself consists of one rectangle that is twice as wide as my waistline. So all I did, was to gather this rectangle and sew it onto the bodice.
Quite simple - and it looks so much better now!

~ ~ ~

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