Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

my lavender-coloured dress

There is this one dress that I once bought in a thrift store in France and that I wear pretty much all the time - just because its so comfortable and has a nice shape and pattern. So for making this blue/purple dress, I simply copied the pattern from my existing dress.

As for the fabric, I used some bed sheets that I only paid 2€ for, so that's a win!

One thing that I was a bit worried about was the neckline. I wanted to add scalloped details but feared that the fabric might stretch around the neckline and leave horrible creases. So I reinforced that part with interfacing - which also prevents the fabric from fraying. Well it still does a little bit, but it's not that bad.

So here are some photos:

Pattern: traced out from an existing dress + combined with this Burda pattern from the 12/2014 magazine

Costs: 2€ for the fabric + 1€ for a zipper + costs for preexisting interfacing and yarn

Level of difficulty: quite easy to do!

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